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Outside Classroom

Your child will experience the “Wonders of the Outdoors” in our park-like, secure,
and well maintained playgrounds. The playgrounds are equipped with age
appropriate playground equipment. There are large grass areas and several
shade structures --- a perfect setting for outdoor learning!

   Play is an active form of learning that unites the mind, body, and spirit.
Children’s learning occurs best when the whole-self is involved. Children become interested in learning when they learn through play. While playing with their classmates, they will begin to develop critical social and behavioral skills, which can translate into social confidence. It is proven that exercise is vital in order to maintain a healthy body and mind.
Through outdoor play, the children can accomplish the exercise their bodies require for healthy living. Outdoor play builds coordination and enhances the development of Large Motor Skills. These activities have minimal structure; however, the children are encouraged to explore, participate, and play, both individually and together.
Every aspect of a child’s life is interwoven with play. This is the nature of the child!

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